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Aechmea 'Bittersweet'

This medium growing Aechmea will flush a lovely pink when grown in good light. Can grow to about 45cm tall.

Aechmea Black Beauty

 cv of orlandiana

Aechmea 'Black Flamingo'

Dark maroon foliage

Aechmea 'Blue Cone'

Lovely cultivar of Aechmea cylindrata - smaller growing Aechmea.

Aechmea 'Brazil'

 Dark maroon foliage

Aechmea 'Brillig'

Hybrid from George Johnson (maculata x bromeliifolia var rubrobracteata). The silvery grey leaves have an attractive light brown banded pattern. 

Aechmea 'Burgundy'

Leaves flushed with burgundy & a purple inflorescence make this a very attractive Aechmea which provides constant colour. 

Aechmea 'Burning Bush'

Large dramatic red flower spike 

Aechmea capixabae

Bright orange, long lasting inflorescence.

Aechmea carvalhoi

Delicate species Aechmea endemic to Brazil

Aechmea 'Chianti'

Almost black foliage

Aechmea 'Clara'

A white flowering form of fasciata originally from Deroose Bromeliads in Holland. 

Aechmea 'Coral Beauty'

This aechmea hybrid has a lovely, pink & purple inflorescence. Leaves have maroon shading towards the base.

Aechmea correia-araujoi

Lovely medium growing species Aechmea with lime green leaves with dark markings.

Aechmea dealbata

Commonly known as Silver Jewel, this medium growing species Aechmea has an upright habit. The leaves have a purple brown undersurface with silver banding. The silver/gray flower spike has bright red & purple petals. 

Aechmea 'Del Mar'

Cobalt blue, white & hot pink bloom

Aechmea disticantha

Large growing species Aechmea native to Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay & Uruguay. Bright pink inflorescence with purple flowers.

Aechmea 'Echidna'

Smaller growing Aechmea - stiff silver barred leaves & an attractive apricot & yellow flower spike. 

Aechmea fasciata variegated

The variegated form of this well known species Aechmea which is native to the area of Rio de Janiero, Brazil (500-1500 metres).

Aechmea fendleri

A large growing species with pink tinged foliage & a stunning tall purple & red inflorescence.

Aechmea 'Fia' variegated

Variegated form of 'Fia' 

Aechmea 'Fireman Sam'

Medium sized bromeliad with tall pink flower spike. 

Aechmea 'Flamingo'

Beautiful hybrid Aechmea from Hawaiian hybridiser Howard Yamamoto 

Aechmea 'Golden Beads'

 Lovely yellow & blue inflorescence

Aechmea 'Golden Orb'

Arching leaf form & apricot & yellow flower spike 

Aechmea 'Inca'

Large, red-pink inflorescence

Aechmea 'J C Superstar'

Large growing Aechmea - pink leaves with paler barring & tall branched yellow & pink flower spike.

Aechmea 'Jackson'

Rusty coloured foliage complement a lovely, colourful flower spike 

Aechmea miniata var. discolor

Lovely smaller growing Aechmea species from Brazil. 

Aechmea 'Nigre'

Rusty coloured tubular foliage with bright red & yellow flower spike

Aechmea nudicaulis var. aequalis

Lovely smaller growing species Aechmea which is native to central eastern Brazil up to 1800 metres. 

Aechmea nudicaulis variegated

Beautiful species Aechmea with variegated yellow & green leaves & a tall yellow & red inflorescence. 

Aechmea pectinata

Species Aechmea native to south eastern Brazil which is both terrestrial & epiphytic. Medium-sized plant with a loose open rosette of mottled green leaves which colour pink irregularly when approaching flowering.

Aechmea pineliana var. minuta

This small plant has leaves coloured with pink, copper & red shades. The inflorescence which resembles a bottle brush is bright red & yelow.

Clumps well. Full sun.



Aechmea 'Purple Gem'

Purple tinged leaves & a flower spike with purple berries 

Aechmea ramosa

Large growing bromeliad which has a long lasting, branched inflorescence with golden/yellow berries. 

Aechmea recurvata var ortgiesii

Small species Aechmea with red tinged leaves in good light which is native to Southern Brazil & adjacent countries.

Aechmea 'Red Bands'

Medium growing Aechmea heavily banded on the underside in red / dark burgundy 

Aechmea smithiorum

Large growing species Aechmea native to the Caribbean. 

Aechmea strobilina

Species Aechmea with tightly closed rosette of stiff, light green leaves & an attractive pink inflorescence. Native to eastern Panama.

Aechmea tessmannii

Barring on the leaves is complemented by a large, colourful, long lasting inflorescence. Epiphytic species native to the Amazon region of Colombia, Ecuador & Peru.

Aechmea victoriana

Small growing species Aechmea which looks great grown as an epiphyte. Endemic to Brazil. 

Aechmea weilbachii forma leodiensis

This form of the species weilbachii has bronze colour on the underside of the leaves. It is native to Eastern Brazil. 

Aechmea 'Zebra'

Small growing Aechmea with striped leaves. Clumps quickly. 

Alcantarea brasiliana

Large species Alcantarea endemic to Brazil. It has wide green leaves & a tall flower spike which can be viewed at http://fcbs.org/pictures.htm

Alcantarea geniculata

One of the smaller species in this genus of giants - but has one of the best flower spikes. 

Alcantarea imperialis Rubra

One of the giants, Alcantarea imperialis Rubra is considered to be the signature species of this genus. The red tones developed in bright light are shown in the following photo. Great for containers or specimen plant in the garden.

Alcantarea imperialis Rubra

Plant shown with red tones developed in full sun 

Alcantarea 'Silver Plum'

Giant specimen bromeliad which is a clone of imperialis Rubra. 

Alcantarea vinicolor

A smaller species alcantarea  with deep red foliage especially in full sun & cooler weather.  Grows to 1 metre high & wide with an impressive tall branched flower spike - see next photo.

Alcantarea vinicolor flower spike

Alcantarea vinicolor inflorescence 

Billbergia 'Afterglow'

A Don Beadle hybrid - hot glowing red-pink at maturity with white spotting 

Billbergia 'Amanda'

Large cream blotches on green background 

Billbergia amoena x 'Glory Be'

This hybrid has lovely soft pink tones 

Billbergia 'Bellissima'

Another beautiful Don Beadle hydrid 

Billbergia 'Bill Harland'

Large growing billbergia - hybridiser unknown (amoena v Rubra x 'Gerda')

Billbergia 'Bob'

Amazing dark purple leaves - a Don Beadle hybrid

Billbergia brasiliensis

Superb species billbergia native to Bolivia & Brazil - enormous flower & attractive silver barring on the leaves

Billbergia 'Cimmeron'

A hybrid from Australian Victor Przetocki (amoena v viridis x ?) - cream markings on olive green leaves 

Billbergia 'Connie Timm'

Attractive markings on this unregsitered hybrid 

Billbergia 'Deliciosa'

Amazing patterns on this Don Beadle hybrid ('Caramba' x 'De Nada Rojo') 

Billbergia Dr Oeser hybrid

Cream spots on a pink & green background 

Billbergia 'Ellen'

Another fabulous Don Beadle hybrid billbergia 

Billbergia 'First Love'

A Grace Goode hybrid billbergia 

Billbergia 'Glory Be'

Orange pink tones in this Grace Goode hybrid 

Billbergia 'Golden Joy'

Bill Morris hybrid ('Kahibah' x 'Glory Be'). Beautiful golden tones.

Billbergia 'Groovy'

A must in every collection 

Billbergia 'Hallelujah'

Considered a benchmark hybrid against which other billbergia hybrids are measured. A Don Beadle hybrid ('Domingos Martins' x 'Ed McWilliams')

Billbergia 'Improposa'

Large cream spots on a light green background 

Billbergia 'Jean Black'

A Grace Goode hybrid (amoena v minor x horrida v tigrina). Green background with cream spots & silver barring. 

Billbergia 'John Henry Friend'

Large growing Billbergia - pink foliage with irregular spots & stripes. 

Billbergia 'Kip'

A Grace Goode hybrid ('Oeser's Bigeneric Hybrid' x 'Catherine Wilson') 

Billbergia 'La Mesa'

Another Don Beadle hybrid - cream dots & silver barring underleaf  

Billbergia 'Las Manchas'

A Don Beadle beauty - maroon/brown tones

Billbergia 'Medowie Gift Pinkie'

Glowing pink tones 

Billbergia 'Muriel Waterman'

Beautiful banded pink foliage - this is a Mulford B Foster hybrid (horrida v tigrina x euphemiae v purpurea)

Billbergia 'Pink Champagne'

Lovely hybrid from Carrone of complex parentage

Billbergia 'Pink Mist'

Misty pink tones  ? Grace Good hybrid 

Billbergia 'Pink Patches'

Patches of pink on this hybrid of unknown parenatge 

Billbergia 'Poquito Blanco'

Lovely pastel tones -  this hybrid was named by Don Beadle (unknown parentage)

Billbergia 'Purple Cow'

Lovely purple colours in this hybrid from Lisa Vinzant (Hawaii). A must for every collection. 

Billbergia 'Ralph Graham French'

Attractive foliage & a large inflorescence - albomarginated leaves with strong silver barring. 

Billbergia rosea

An attractive species Billbergia that is native to Trinidad & Northern Venezuela.  

Billbergia sanderiana

Large growing billbergia hybrid - pale green leaves suffused with pink & large dark spines. 

Billbergia 'Showtime'

A showy hybrid from Australian Victor Przerocki (vittat x amoena) x sanderiana 

Billbergia 'Supa Dupa'

Beautiful pink tones 

Billbergia 'Talbot Kelly'

Beautiful hybrid from Len & Sheryl Waite 

Billbergia 'Talbot Mr Cooper'

Great markings on this hybrid billbergia

Billbergia 'Talbot Pink Tonkin'

Deep pink tones 

Billbergia 'Tarantella'

Large growing hybrid Billbergia from Don Beadle - spots & silver barring on a rose pink background 

Billbergia 'Tinkerbell'

Dark tones with 'sprinkles' of pink. 

Billbergia 'Winter Fog'

Dark tones with silver barring under leaf . Large growing.

Canistropsis 'Citron'

Lovely small, shade loving bromeliad with a lemon inflorescence (cultivar of Canistropsis billbergioides). Endemic to Brazil.

Canistropsis 'Guava'

Lovely small, shade loving bromeliad with pink flower spike & green leaves (cultivar of Canistropsis billbergioides). Endemic to Brazil. 

Canistropsis 'Mandarin'

A lovely small, shade loving bromeliad with an orange/red inflorescence. The leaves are green tinged with dark purple. Cultivar of Canistropsis billbergioides. Endemic to Brazil.

Canistropsis microps

Species Canistropsis native to Brazil with red inflorescence & white petals. For the COLLECTOR. Needs shade.

Canistropsis 'Persimmon'

Lovely small shade loving bromeliad with orange inflorescence (cultivar of Canistropsis billbergioides). Endemic to Brazil.

Canistropsis 'Tutti Frutti'

A lovely small, shade loving bromeliad with a flower spike that is orange flushed with mulberry. Cultivar of Canistropsis billbergioides. Endemic to Brazil. 

Canistrum aurantiacum

Very attractive, large growing species Canistrum - light green leaves tinged with orange when mature. Red & yellow cup shaped inflorescence. Endemic to Brazil.

Canistrum triangulare

Small species Canistrum that is native to Brazil. Dark spines & a bright red inflorescence make this a very attractive plant. 

Nidularium atalaiaense

Attractive medium growing species nidularium native to Brazil 

Nidularium 'Casimir Morobe'

Large growing nidularium that is great for shady areas in the garden. 

Nidularium 'Chantrieri'

Faintly mottled leaves with a purple underside -  bright pink inflorescence.  

Orthophytum navioides

Before the initiation of flowering, the leaves change from green to deep red. 

Quesnelia indecora

A must to complete the collection of the Quesnelia enthusiast.  Quesnelia indecora is endemic to coastal Brazil.

Tillandsia leboldiana

The inflorescence is noteworthy for its long, deep red primary bracts.