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Neoregelia 'A Perfect Ten'

It's very hard to capture the beauty of this neo with the camera - shiny maroon tones with brighter centre when mature.

Neoregelia 'Alcatraz'

 from Chester Skotak

Neoregelia 'Alice Springs'

 Bright red with lime green markings - this lovely medium growing neoregelia is a 'Gold Fever ' hybrid

Neoregelia 'All My Dreams'

Glowing pink centre when flowering

Neoregelia 'Amazing Grace'

An old favourite

Neoregelia 'Angelita'

Lovely smaller growing neo hybridised by Grace Goode 

Neoregelia 'Anna' #11

A colourful variegated neo from Chester Skotak  - smaller growing

Neoregelia 'Apricot Nectar'

One of the best smaller growing neos - beautiful apricot tones & fine markings 

Neoregelia 'Arctic Snow'

Smaller growing neoregelia - marbled green with white centre

Neoregelia 'Avalon'

Bright red & lime green markings on this hybrid from Richter, Germany

Neoregelia 'Barbarian'

Light green with burnt orange tips, pink fingernails & spotting.

Neoregelia 'Bea Hanson'

Deep red foliage with lime green bands & spots

Neoregelia 'Beauty to Behold'

Colourful neo from Shane Zaghini

Neoregelia 'Black Knight' (Oeser)

Dark red leaves with chartreuse  barring & spots

Neoregelia 'Blood Plum'

Medium size variegated neoregelia with dark burgundy & pink colouring.

Neoregelia 'Blue Nude'

Broad leaves marked with maroon & a purple centre 

Neoregelia 'Blue River'

Small growing marbled hybrid with blue tones in the centre when flowering. Photo shows a pup developing. 

Neoregelia 'Blueberry Cream'

Mottled blueberry centre whem mature 

Neoregelia 'Blushing Tiger'

Attractive smaller neoregelia with dramatic red barring

Neoregelia 'Bobby Dazzler' hybrid

Dramatic colour in this large neoregelia

Neoregelia 'Bobby Dazzler' sport

A large growing spectacular neoregelia 

Neoregelia 'Bold Streak'

Bright streaks of red 

Neoregelia burle-marxii ssp. meeana

 Delightful species Neoregelia with purple tones

Neoregelia 'Burnsie's Spiral'

Tight spiral leaf formation in this variegated smaller neoregelia 

Neoregelia 'Camelot'

Dark bright red with chartreuse bands & spots

Neoregelia carolinae Super Red

 Bright red centre.

Neoregelia 'Catlan's Leopard'

One of the best large growing neoregelias  - deep maroon markings with a purple centre

Neoregelia 'Citation'

Light green with flecks of pink & vivid pink centre when mature

Neoregelia 'Coconut Ice'

Lovely medium growing hybrid from Chester Skotak

Neoregelia 'Color Parade'

Bright red with splotches of lime green

Neoregelia compacta

Species neoregelia that is perfect for landscaping 

Neoregelia correia-araujoi

Very large growing species neoregelia 

Neoregelia 'Crackling Red'

Medium growing with deep red leaves

Neoregelia 'Crystal'

Lilac with a rosy pink centre

Neoregelia 'Earth Rose'

Medium growing neo with subtle pink barring 

Neoregelia 'Fancy Pants'

Medium growing neo -  maroon leaves with lime green spots & bars 

Neoregelia 'Galaxy'

Smaller growingmarbled neo with purple rosette

Neoregelia 'Garnish'

White edged crimson leaves splashed & streaked with lime. 

Neoregelia 'Gee Whiz'

Large growing neoregelia from George Anderson named by Grace Goode

Neoregelia 'Georgia Lyn'

Bright red with green bands & barring.

Neoregelia 'Gespacho'

Bright red with lime green spots & barring 

Neoregelia 'Glossy Print

Small growing neo hybrid from the USA - glossy red leaves 

Neoregelia 'Goddess Pele'

A beautiful Hawaiian hybrid with lustrous pink foliage 

Neoregelia 'Gold Fever'

Bright crimson leaves with large lime green spots 

Neoregelia 'Grace' x 'Passion'

Bright pink inner leaves 

Neoregelia 'Grapeade'

Dark maroon shiny leaves with pink tones in the centre when flowering

Neoregelia 'Green Apple Golden Delicious'

 Colourful large growing neoregelia 

Neoregelia 'Gunpowder'

Variegated foliage suffused with pink.

Neoregelia 'Happy Thoughts'

Dark red spotted leaves - upright habit 

Neoregelia 'Hatsumi'

Beautiful delicate marbled markings - smaller growing neoregelia

Neoregelia 'Heart Music Too'

Large growing neo - wide leaves with dark maroon (almost black) markings & a pinkish/purple centre when flowering 

Neoregelia 'Ice White River'

One of Shane Zaghini's River series. Smaller growing with an upright habit.

Neoregelia 'Imperfecta'

Beautiful variegated Neoregelia from Chester Skotak

Neoregelia 'Inkwell'

White edged leaves with a dark inky blue centre 

Neoregelia 'Jewellery Shop'

Smaller growing - bright red finely streaked with lime 

Neoregelia 'Kilauea Fire'

Flame- like foliage

Neoregelia 'King's Ransom'

Medium green leaves with a bright red raised centre 

Neoregelia 'Lavender Flair'

Light green leaves with a beautiful lavender centre 

Neoregelia 'Lila'

Colourful medium growing neo - lovely for landscaping

Neoregelia 'Lovely Lady'

Beautiful medium growing neo from Bob Larnach of Australia  (one of the Aussie Dream series) 

Neoregelia 'Luxurians'

Glossy pink tones - lovely contrast to greenery for landscaping 

Neoregelia 'Maggie's Pride'

Delicate tones of pink with this variegated Neoregelia 

Neoregelia 'Manoa Beauty'

A beautiful Yamamoto hybrid from Hawaii ('Magnifica' x marmorata) 

Neoregelia 'Mataranka'

Pink with fine spots & streaks 

Neoregelia 'Mauve Star'

Variegated neo from Chester Skotak 

Neoregelia 'Melancholy Baby'

Another beautiful hybrid from Hawaii 

Neoregelia 'Mercury'

Bright red with spashes of lime green

Neoregelia 'Meyendorffii Hawaii'

Glossy leaves with spiral formation  - dark pink centre when flowering

Neoregelia Mini 'Bright Spot' x 'Vulcan'

Light green leaves with dark pink fingernails, blotches & centre 

Neoregelia Mini 'Cheers'

Maroon spotting

Neoregelia Mini 'Chiquita Linda'

Light green leaves spotted with deep red with a red centre when flowering

Neoregelia Mini 'Curly Pet'

Reddish orange outer leaves with a centre streaked with lime

Neoregelia Mini 'Dark Mood'

Maroon with lime markings 

Neoregelia Mini 'Fireball'

Bright red clumping mini

Neoregelia Mini 'Fireball' variegated

Variegated form of 'Fireball' 

Neoregelia Mini 'Furnace'

* On special

Bright red small neo flecked with yellow 

Neoregelia Mini 'Inca Fire'

* On special

Colourful small neoregelia 

Neoregelia Mini 'Little Rosita'

* On special

Bold bright red small growing neo 

Neoregelia Mini 'Night Spot'

Small mini with dark brown spotting 

Neoregelia Mini 'No Doubt'

* On special

Unusual bronze tones 

Neoregelia Mini 'Pheasant'

Bright smaller growing mini -dark red with lime barring 

Neoregelia Mini 'Red Waif'

Bright colour in this clumping mini 

Neoregelia Mini 'Ripple'

* On special

Lovely little red mini neo splashed with lime 

Neoregelia Mini 'Satsuma'

This mini neo from the USA has lovely purple tones 

Neoregelia Mini 'Tess'

Small variegated neo which clumps readily 

Neoregelia Mini 'Turmoil'

Smaller growing mini - deep red with heavy lime barring 

Neoregelia 'Mister Odean'

Burnt orange tones

Neoregelia 'Mood Indigo'

Dark maroon leaves 

Neoregelia 'Nelson'

Beautiful dark maroon & brown tones 

Neoregelia 'Noble Descent'

Lime green leaves with bright red spots, barring & fingernails.  Flushes red in the centre when flowering.

Neoregelia 'Old Love Letters'

Beautiful smaller growing neo from Hawaiian hybridist Sharon Petersen 

Neoregelia 'Orange Tart'

Vibrant orange colour 

Neoregelia 'Painted Desert'

Orange-red leaves streaked with green 

Neoregelia 'Painted Lady'

Lovely Hawaiian hybrid from Howard Yamamoto 

Neoregelia 'Paula'

Colourful variegated hybrid by Chester Skotak 

Neoregelia 'Perfect Red'

Medium growing neo with broad leaves & compact habit

Neoregelia ''Perfecta Tricolor'

Smaller growing variegated neo which flushes with pink when flowering with a red centre 

Neoregelia 'Phyllis OT'

Large growing neoregelia with broad leaves & orange tones 

Neoregelia 'Pimiento'

One of the best - small growing with cerise leaves with a darker  edge 

Neoregelia 'Pine Valley'

Darl red leaves with large lime green spots 

Neoregelia 'Pink River'

One of Shane Zaghini's River series.  

Neoregelia 'Powder Puff'

Unusual delicate colours - pale green leaves with spotted pink centre  

Neoregelia 'Predator'

Medium growing hybrid  from Chester Skotak

Neoregelia 'Predatress'

Beautiful medium sized neoregelia

Neoregelia princeps

 Lovely species neoregelia 

Neoregelia 'Princess Caroline'

Attractive neoregelia with finer leaves & a bright pink centre 

Neoregelia 'Princess Di'

Beautiful medium neo - mid green leaves are spotted & barred with pink with a salmon pink centre 

Neoregelia 'Proud Beauty'

Rich burgundy & pink tones

Neoregelia 'Purple Barbarian'

Purple clone of 'Barbarian'  - smaller growing

Neoregelia 'Purple Flush'

Lovely compact habit  - medium growing

Neoregelia 'Purple Glaze'

Variegated neo from Chester Skotak (carolinae x 'Blue Navy Blues') x 'Blue Navy Blues' 

Neoregelia 'Purple Star'

A lovely medium growing hybrid from Grant Groves (USA) of unknown parentage 

Neoregelia 'Purple Tips'

Lighter green leaves with dark purple markings, leaf edges & tips

Neoregelia 'Radiant'

Inner leaves flushed with red with red markings - medium growing

Neoregelia 'Raphael'

Lovely Skotak variegated hybrid

Neoregelia 'Red River'

Marbled hybrid with red tones  - one of the River series

Neoregelia 'Red Veil'

Lovely Chester Skotak hybrid 

Neoregelia 'Rings of Fire'

Bright burnt orange tones in this medium growing neoregelia 

Neoregelia 'Star Performance'

Lovely Hawaiian import with deep apricot colours

Neoregelia Sunday Best'

Smaller growing neoregelia with bright pink fingernails & markings & a bright pink centre when flowering 

Neoregelia 'Sweet Dream'

Wide leaves lined & splotched with pinks

Neoregelia 'Thunder Cloud'

Dramatic large growing neoregelia - unusual bronze/pink tones with lime markings.

Neoregelia 'Uluru Dawn'

Splashes of deep pink

Neoregelia 'Victoria Pink'

Fluorescent pink centre

Neoregelia 'Walking Tall

Bright red with lime spotting - Grace Goode hybrid

Neoregelia 'War Paint'

Dark, shiny red,broad leaves

Neoregelia 'Wine & Gold'

Dark purple with large lime spots.  Small growing with upright habit. 

Neoregelia wurdackii

Spiny brightly coloured species neoregelia found in the rainforests of Peru 

Neoregelia 'Yin'

A Chester Skotak hybrid - medium to large growing. White edged with red flush when flowering.

Neoregelia 'Zulu'

Black fingernails & maroon leaf ends & centre.